Small Style, ZZZZZZzzzzz Style

This week has been a major challenge in the Sleep Department which, incidentally, does not make it much different than most weeks. Thus, my entry for Small Style, which as always is hosted by the very awesome Mama Loves Papa, is a little weak here at Expatria Baby due to sleep deprivation and caffeine jitters. Forget stylish outfits, we're just happy that we've got clothes on our bodies at all. 

I put together this haphazard little outfit in a bit of a haze; I gathered up some randomness that Stella had pulled out of her drawers, dusted it off, determined that it was relatively clean and of the same colour family, and then slapped it on her octopus body. Then this morning, I chiseled off most of the dried on food and made her wear it again. Because I am an overachiever like that. Ha.  

So, here you go: pictures of my kid in a re-used outfit with a lot of snot on her face.


Ha! I win the game of night-time screaming chicken! I WIIIIIIIIIIINNNN!

(Speaking of snot, on my last visit to the [American] pediatrician, the nurse took one look at my kid, grabbed a tissue and announced, "Here you go, baby, let me wipe your nose. I can't stand babies with snotty noses".  

Seriously, lady? LIke you think I don't wipe her nose a hundred times a day? That thing has been running [like a rabbit] faster than a character from a John Updike novel. Excuse me for not whipping out the tissues every five seconds. Every two minutes is going to have to suffice).


If you look to the right of this picture, my dirty secret is revealed: I allow a cat house in my house. In fact, we have two. Shame. 



No one will notice me yank your tail if  I make it look like I'm not paying attention to you, right???




So, this was all right before Stella barfed on her shirt and then spilled half a bottle of gyoza dipping sauce (basically soy sauce and vinegar) all over her pants. Sigh. 


Shirt - Joe Fresh

Leggings - Tea Collection

Shoes - Joe Fresh

Bib - I can't remember, and the wee one is napping, so there's no way I'm going anywhere near her room, so we'll all have to live with a mystery. 


Well, people, I'M OUT! Go look at the other babies. DO IT.