Milestones: THE BIG ONE

OMG Stella met that most longed-for superawesomeamazingwonderful milestone last night, a milestone that most babies reach when they're like eight weeks old or something, but whatever, she's my little snowflake, and she may be eleven months old, but all babies develop on their own schedule anyway *she says defensively* but last night for the first time, STELLA SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! 

Now, before you fall over and DIE from disbelief, we're only talking the medical definition of sleeping through the night; she stayed unconscious for five and a half hours. But still, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! AS IN ASLEEP AND NOT CRYING! I tell you, when she woke me, and I looked at my clock amazed by the fact that it read MIDNIGHT! I almost got up and threw her a party, but figured that would not have the desired effect of helping her learn that nighttime is for sleeping, so instead I had a silent party in my head, complete with silent noisemakers, and silent balloons, and a silent, imaginary clown. But unfortunately, I was too tired to stay awake for it.

I will also add that my excitement was tempered somewhat by the fact that she then proceeded to wake up four more times between midnight and four am, at which point she decided that HELLO! It's time to get up! There is waving to be done! And raspberries to be blown! And who is going to do the scooting if she doesn't get started on it now! The early bird gets the worm, and it’s four AM, so LET'S GO!


Still. Sleeping through the night. Yeah. I'll take it, whatever form it comes in.