Five Years.

Yesterday evening as I was feeding Stella dinner and Mr. Chef was puttering in the kitchen, I had a sudden moment of clarity and I blurted out "Oh, shit! Tomorrow is our anniversary!" Our five year wedding anniversary. He remembered and I did not. He, who hates  bullshit sentimental celebrations, remembered, and I'm sure has something up his sleeve, and I have nothing. 

Except that I have this blog. Which was his idea to start in the first place.


So, I'll use this blog as a platform to tell everyone I know that on this day, five years ago, I married my best friend. And I am so happy that I did.


Mr. Chef and I like to joke and tell people that we got married for the visa. 

In May 2006 we were about to move to China and a wedding was the best way for me to get a visa and follow Mr. Chef to our new life across the ocean. It was a whirlwind: we had ten days to prepare; my parents and auntie flew over to Switzerland to be at the wedding, not knowing when or even if the wedding would be; there were hoops to jump through; papers to get; impossible bureaucratic situations to climb out of. It wasn't how I'd envisioned my wedding to be, but we made it happen. And we managed. We drank Champagne in a chateau by the lake with our families and it was beautiful. 

Bureaucracy may have dictated the timing of our wedding, but we got married because we saw our future together. Adventures awaited us. New countries lay ahead to be discovered. New jobs, unexpected challenges, friends we hadn't met yet, future babies. And we couldn't see any of that without eachother. 


Since I've known Mr. Chef, we've lived on three continents, in four countries, and five different cities. We've made new friends, left old ones behind, changed jobs, moved apartments, had no money, tested our stress thresholds. Together we've drank good wine, eaten some amazing meals, rode bikes through the Italian countryside, roasted sausages by a mountain stream, set off fireworks on Chinese New Year and have had more times of our life than we're entitled to. We've snapped at each other. Argued. Given each other the silent treatment. Cried. And always said I'm sorry. We've learned about life and about growing up. We adopted two Chinese cats, nursed one through a major injury, then had a baby in a country where we don't speak the language. With him, I've grown from carefree and careless kid to into the person I am today.

So much has changed in these past five years, but there is one constant. He has always been my biggest supporter. He believes in me. He holds me up. He challenges me, encourages me, and inspires me to be a better person.



This life of constant flux is not always easy. The skies aren't always blue and the way not always clear. But it is thrilling and wonderful. And this man, this girl, and this life we've made together is really all I've ever wanted.