Small Style Last Day of Zero Style

OMG you guys, mah baybee turns one tomorrow!  And I'm totally freaking out; this whole week I've been a tears fountain, and yesterday I made a batch of cookies. There are none left. Mr. Chef ate two. I AM NOT emotional eating, OKAY? Annnnnnnd, Mr. Chef and I just celebrated our five year anniversary which I cried almost the whole way through because I loooooove you soooooo muuuuuuuuuch. And THEN Stella took her first (unassisted) steps precisely ON our anniversary, and I was like, "My little baby, you're getting so biiiiiiig I looooooove yooooou sooooo muuuuuch, you'll always be my baby. wah. Waaaahahahahhahhhhaaaa!"

So, yeah, I'm totally dealing with this whole growing-older-getting-bigger-officially-turning-into-a-toddler thing just fine. I'm so well adjusted. I did not just pour myself a second glass of super crappy cooking quality wine, and spend the whole day going, "this is the last time you'll have your morning nap as a zero-year-old" and "at precisely this time a year ago my water broke" and whatever. I'm fine. SHUTUPINYOURFACE. (wah.) 

ANYWAY, because I've been busy nursing a major existential crisis, I didn't take any Small Style pictures today. So, instead I give you pictures from a Sunday at Starbucks in the park where we had a spontaneous bike ride meet up with some German friends and Stella did her usual "OMG other children! I love you! Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! Let me pull your hair!!!! AKKKK!" routine. It was cute. And the last time she was in the park as a zero-year-old. wah. 

So, yeah. Linking up with Morgan at Mama Loves Papa for Small Style and trying not to cry about it, because it's JUST SO WONDERFUL FOR HER TO LINK SO MANY MOTHERS TOGETHER TO WATCH OUR CHILDREN GROW UP AND WAAAAAHHH!

Mah friend. MINE! MIIIIINE!


IMG_5713 - Version 2
See, my ol' friend, we go way back and she totally doesn't mind if I poke her eyes and pull her hair.

Inai inai BA! is Japanese for peekaboo!


On Stella:

Tunic = Joe Fresh

Shorts = thrifted

Shoes = Joe Fresh (boys)

Bow = I'm not too sure. 


Well, that's us for Small Style this week. I'm looking forward to seeing all the other cutie pies. Oh, and did I mention, MY BABY IS TURNING ONE TOMORROW AND I'M TOTALLY FINE WITH IT??? Waaaaaah.