Small Style, Golden Style

It's the last day of Golden Week, and I can't think of any better way to celebrate than with Small Style, which is, as always, hosted by the wonderful Mama Loves Papa

Golden Week is one of the high holidays in Japan. It is a little bundle of significant holidays, all collected together into one week. Showa Day, Constitutional Memorial Day, Greenery Day, and Children's Day (aka Boys' Day) all fall within a week. School is out for the week; companies close; and the Japanese worker, loathe to take time off, hangs out with his family. 

The city is abuzz with activity. There are parades; two big martial arts festivals took place in the shrine across the street, and children of all ages were playing (very civilly I might add) with swords and body armour; ladies stroll around the park in kimonos; people adorn their houses with streamers; shops and restaurants are full; people celebrate.

Stella and I spent the last day of Golden Week attending a (three hour long!) ballet recital in which a friend's daughter was performing (heeyyyyyyyy, I'm coming to watch your kid dance ballet, but I'll take photographs of my kid instead of yours, okay?) And then, not wanting to miss a minute of this gorgeous day, we made a spontaneous post-nap park trip, where Stella became besties with a cute little four year-old, whom she followed around the park as fast as her little feet could carry her (which, incidentally, isn't very fast).

There is something truly wonderful about the way children make friends with each other. A kind smile and an outstretched hand, and the two girls were fast friends. No matter that neither spoke the other's language. One could run, the other couldn't even walk unsupported. It didn't matter. They were friends and played happily together for an hour.


Snacks at ballet - something you can totally get away with when you're part of the under one set. 


Mah new bestie. 





Right before she ate a fistful of sand. 


Today's look is brought to you by the following fine purveyors of children's threads:

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