Show Me Japan: Golden Week

This week I'm linking up with Budget Trouble's photo meme Show Me Japan. Because this blog is supposed to be about life in Japan, when mostly it's about the fact that my kid won't sleep. 

ANYWAY, as I mentioned, we are just finishing up Golden Week, and the sights and sounds of celebrations are dazzling. We live across the street (more or less) from a pretty significant shrine that is host to all sorts of festivals and interesting goings on throughout the year. This week there were literally hundreds of kids running around in crazy outfits and wapping each other with swords. I'm not too sure what THAT was all about. Moments like these make me think, "holy shit, I live in Japan!" So strange. So surreal. So different from life in Canada. I didn't manage to get out with my good camera, but here are some snaps I took with my phone. 







So, that's a view from my Japan.

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