Why I Am Clearly The Best Parent Ever

IMG_0868This photo has nothing to do with anything, but whatever. It's cute. 

At a year and two weeks, Stella finally started babbling. I picked her up from her two and a half hours at daycare, and suddenly there was an incessant chorus of ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bababababababbabababa ba that rang out all afternoon. This is quite the relief because, despite my insouciant posturing, I was secretly wracked with anxiety about the lack of consonant sounds in my life. But here they are! BA! And then, by dinnertime we had progressed to a little MA! for good measure.

This is also wonderful for another reason: of the three Super Awesome and Important Baby Skills (Super Awesome and Important Baby Skills the most significant markers of baby development; they include waving, clapping, and babbling),all were acquired at daycare, taught by Stellla's daycare teachers, rather than by her doting and adoring mother. I picked her up from daycare a couple months ago and she was waving. The next time we got home, it was clapping. And now, babbling. Fantastic. The kid spends FOUR hours a WEEK in daycare and gets more out of it than all the hours spent reading and the narration of daily activities and the baby sign langauge and other various and sundry baby betterment projects I dream up at home.

Whatever. I'm not bitter. I totally taught her how to use her index finger to swipe the iPad. And that's almost like pointing. Which is also a significant baby skill, and so yeah. I taught her to point. Huh, Daycare teachers?! HUH! DID YOU TEACH STELLA TO POINT???? NO YOU DID NOT. I DID. Best. Parent. Ever.