Small Style and a Question

Okay, call me crazy, but I'm using this Small Style (hosted by Mama Loves Papa) as an opportunity to solicit free parenting advice FROM THE INTERNET. 

So, we had this cute little outfit on for all of ten minutes before Stella vommed all over it. And OF COURSE that was just as I was rushing to get out the door, trying against all odds to get to a meeting on time. This whole pre-outing-barffapalooza is actually a bit of a problem for us, and like any individual of sound mind, I turn to the internet for parenting advice. 

Whenever I'm getting ready to go somewhere, Stella gags and barfs. It happens as soon as she sees me preparing the diaper bag. Without fail. I'm talking EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Granted I'm not typically a picture of calm and togetherness as I'm frantically rushing to get lunch, diapers, toys, clothes crammed into her bag, and so obviously not creating a serene and peaceful departure environment.  But, this is really starting to bedevil me. And not just because of the frequent costume changes.

This behaviour started to manifest around the time Stella began going to daycare regularly (she goes twice per week, for two hours per time.) Consequently the normal mother angst associated with taking your kid to daycare is compounded by the worry that I'm totally giving my kid an anxiety disorder either that or this is the harbinger of agoraphobia OH MY LANDS the future therapy bills.

So, anyway, have any of you guys every experienced something like this? Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? 

Anyway, here's the outfit pre-barf. Promise.


Signature Stella pose, mid scoot. 

Those eyes!  My snowflake! I know, you're melting. Me too.


So, yeah. The barfing thing????????

What Stella Wore:

Tunic - Lucky Wang NYC 

Leggings - Tea Collection

Bow - I forget


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