Small Style, Birthday Style

Stella's birthday was last Friday, and in true EPB fashion, it was a superdramatic-tear-soaked-sentimental-wah-wah event. BUT everyone DID look cute, and that's all that really matters, right? Thus, for Small Style, hosted as ever by the great Morgan at Mama Loves Papa, we are featuring NOT one BUT three! birthday! outfits! Hurrah!

The birthday started bright and early with present opening, and in a feat of parenting genius that we will very likely live to rue and regret, we bought Stella a kinder drum set. She loves it. But then, we knew she would.


OMG percussion HEAVEN! 

(PJs - Thrifted; bow - Gifted, [wut, you don't put your kid to bed with her hair done???])

The morning continued with, believe it or not, more drumming!


(Dress + leggings- gifted by the world's best cousins)

And then the two of us trundled off in the rain to Mr. Chef's work for a birthday lunch en famille where we learned that Stella does not like sorbet. Our tip-off was the disgusted-accusatory-how-could-you-do-this-to-me look that I received after gently offering a teaspoon of sorbet. Whatever, kid. MORE FOR MEEEEEE! 


Baby's own birthday chocolate. So cute I cried. AGAIN.

I, however, learned that I very much enjoy surprise baby chocolate birthday plaque. Tears.



The big birthday party was the next day, but the rain nixed our park plans. Too bad. The rain also made our apartment WAY too dark to take decent photos, so here are some blurry, crappy, terrible pictures of what is an adorably cute dress, let me assure you. 


All in all, the day went off swimmingly, despite the rain. We had an apartment full of children (ahem...four...ahem), bellies full of food, and faces full of smiles. The kids amused themselves with a rousing game of "attack of the baby" and some good-natured jumping on the couch along with a spot of let's-lock-ourselves-in-the-closet-and-terrorize-the-cats. That was the best game. 


Nom nom nom, plastic fridge farm, nom. 

We topped off the revelry with gluten-free, dairy-free cupcakes that are way more delicious than that description suggests. Stellabella, the non-eater-of-food approved!


(Dress - Zaza Couture, gifted by Nanny; bow also gifted by Nanny; bib Mally Bibs gifted by those rad cousins again)

All in all, it was perfect.  

Now, I promise I'll shut up about my kid's birthday. This time for realz. And you, you head on over to Mama Loves Papa and see some other cutie babies, big and small.