Small Style, Japan Style

First off, I'd like to send out a little thank you to all of you Small Stylers who commented last week re. Barfapalooza. Your support and encouragement really meant a lot to me, aaaaaannnd....I'm happy to report that we've been barf-free since Thursday! Just kidding...we had an other visit from the vom faerie this morning! 


In a few short days, Stella and I are heading back to North America for some Michigan summertime fun, and therefore, in honour of our trip, it just makes sense to feature Japanese baby outfits for this week's Small Style.

There are some distinct differences between the way Japanese and Western parents dress their babies. And, if you ask me, from a practicality standpoint, Japan wins this round. Case in point: the kimono baby pyjama. 

Newborn Stella in her kimono. All the babies in the hospital dressed in the same outfits. Like little, miniature factory workers. 

Anyone who has dressed a newborn knows that it is similar in difficulty to wrestling a floppy, flailing octopus into a burlap sack. Therefore any type of over-the-head instillation or snaps or zippers are simply hindrances. Kimono are totally the way to go.

Big girl Stella in her kimono, which she also wore as a newborn, but they are so forgiving! And expandable! And come with matching bloomers! Made of terrycloth! 

Similarly, the jinbei suit: typically composed of two pieces, the kimono top and elastic-waisted shorts, they are made of a seersucker-type fabric and perfect for lounging in the hot summer months. Seee?

Jinbei suit and remote control. Which is actually a phone. In case you didn't know. 

Also, a variant on the jinbei suit - but this one has a funny button crotch. AND was handmade for Stella and is therefore much-loved by me. 


And here we have a staple of the Japanese infant wardrobe, the terrycloth sleeper. In Japan there is a good deal of baby paraphernalia made from terrycloth. I am not sure why, but I can tell you that it is remarkably absorbent. Which is great considering the rivers of drool and the aforementioned barf situation.

Case in point: drool river as pictured above

And finally, while this outfit is not strictly Japanese (in that it is Canadian) it does feature that wonderful kimono closure and kimono sleves and was gifted to me by a very dear friend. Plus it is cute. And also: CLAPPING!







And there you have it, Japanese baby clothes on one very enthusiastic model. For more cute babies, head on over to Mama Loves Papa for Small Style action.