I wasn't going to blog today, but I keep seeing the horror show of a post that is currently at the top of my blog and I'm suffering mini panic attacks. So. 

Yesterday poor Stella Bella was sick. Vomming, pooping, fever sick. Poor bunny. Normally I complain bitterly about the annoyances of parenthood (read I whine about sleep problems all the time), but my little sickie is a real trooper. She takes viruses like a woman. And she cuddles! And she goes to sleep without a fight! And did I mention the cuddles?

Still, sick baby + airplane flight tomorow = ???????

Yesterday I thought to myself, hmmm, Stella has been sick a few times and so far I've not caught anything. I have inherited my mother's iron constitution! It is because I am a healthy eater and all around super star! Therefore, I am awesome and far superiour to all the other mothers who get their babies' diseases!

(I am fully aware of my douchbaggery)

And thus, by thinking these thoughts I have pretty much guaranteed that the universe will hook me up with a vom-a-thon that will correspond exactly with the twenty hour flight. I truly AM awesome. 

(Here's hoping that this post will unjinx my jinx. Cross fingers. Knock on wood. And other superstitious things.)