Japanese Toys

This morning I sat down to write an insightful, entertaining, and all 'round epic romp of a blog post about ambition and expectations and how I should be tolerant with myself for wanting to accomplish more in a day / lifetime than I am physically capable of doing. Instead, I got half way through a jumbled mess of a post, and then my kid woke up, leaving a blog post unwritten, a kitchen un-tidied, toys unpicked up, and countless other to dos undone. So, instead, I present JAPANESE TOYS! 

That was ages ago, and also just yesterday. 

I love Japanese baby toys. Well, not the the usual, blippity-boop-bop-pew-pew-pew electric toys that you find everywhere, nor the plastic Anpanman crap that is ubiquitous (Apanman is to Japan what Elmo is to America...I think), but what is really lovely are the wooden toys and the make-believe playthings. 


We have some wonderful little things: Stella's birthday drum set, a rattle that has entertained her all the way from new-babyhood until now; and her favourite block puzzle thing that keeps her in rapt concentration, figuring out how to get the blocks to sit on the wooden dowels. MAJIK.

The sweetest toys of all, however, are the kitchen toys at our local drop-in play center: wooden bowls, plates, serving trays; tiny wooden refrigerators; mini cleavers; colourful plastic chains that stand in for soup, or noodles anything a wee mind can dream up; and, what I love most - little felt foodstuff. Which, or course, include miniature octopuses. Obviously.

Nom nom nom, octuopus. I eat you up. Nom

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