Small Style Beach Style

After a long, wet, and freezing cold central-heating-free winter, the EPB household has been waiting with bated breath for summer to finally get here. And I'm not sure, yet, if we can officially call this summer as the rainy season has yet to fully saturate us, but these warm sunshiny days fill me with as much joy as a gooey baby-toddler kiss, and so I'll take them, thankyouverymuch.

Not only is this glorious weather the perfect opportunity for a fun, seaside outing, but it also means ridiculously cute summer outfits. And an opportunity for linking up with Mama Loves Papa for Small Style, obviously. 

Mr. Chef and I biked the 45 minute trek out to the shore with Stella perched in her seat to join our local Austro-German-Swiss-Japanese Stammtisch for a rare daytime outing at a seaside park. The sun came out just as we arrived.

For Stella, it was a perfect day: babies to play with, women to squeal Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  (cute) at her, water for frolicking, mud for mucking about, and rice crackers for nomming. 


Papi cuddles

When Stella discoveres other women with a penchant for cute foreign babies, she casts me aside, like chopped liver: 



These ladies tell me Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii, Mama. And what do you say? NOTHING. GOOD BYE! I do not need you any more. 


IMG_0107 - Version 2




You thought I'd gingerly dip my toes in to ocean! Ha! Plop! That shows you! Now I am soaking wet and I win!


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG water AND MUD! Nothing in the world is better than this!


The day was sublime - one of my favourite baby days ever. Watching my girl be filled with so much joy makes my heart swell to unreasonable proportions. 



Skirt - Bobo Choses*

Top - Atsuo et Akiko*

Hat - Baby Gap

Bow - Brithday

Diaper - Bum Genius 

Smiles - c / o sunshine and splashes 


Now, please go look at other cute babies, where I am sure you'll find more sunshiny smiles. 

* I must credit the great and wonderful and very stylish Peggy at Paul et Paula for introudcing me to the wonders that are these two baby brands.