Small Style, Cottage Style

Stella and I are up North. More North than cottage country. Like beyond cellphone coverage North where the style is decidedly casual.  So much so that to truly appreciate the fashion ethos up here, I'd need a full-length post. And you still wouldn't believe how people (normally quite respectable, even posh people) go about in public. And so I will give you just that. But not today. Today is all about babies. And Small Style. 

We'll show you how the small set do cottage style. And in so doing, we'll link up with Mama Loves Papa.


Bathing suits are de rigueur. We wear them almost all day. 


Form over function almost every time.


Pants are optional. As are shirts. And shoes. Well, really everything in life is optional up here. Except for the sauna. Which takes place rain or shine precisely at 5 pm. Bring your own beer.



IMG_6758 - Version 2

And when we do get dressed up, it's quite the event. 

Stella Wore:

Baithing Suit: Baby Gap

Bonnet - Urban Baby

Life Jacket (or Boat Coat round these parts) - Speedo

Swim Diaper - Imse Vimse

Shirt - Thrifted 

Shorts - Thrifted

Leg warmers - Baby Gap

Notice no shoes are ever worn????

Head on over to Mama Loves Papa for some more stylish summer babies.


BTW, there is a super awesome funtime fabulous bloggy happening up in here later on this evening. Something that I am SUPER excited about. And I'd love it if you'd stop by for a lil looky-lu.