Expat Blogs

I read these blogs. You should too. 

4 Foot 9 - A shorty with a big heart and a Shanghai Alum

4 Kids, 20 Suitcases and a Beagle Writer, blogger, mother, dog-owner, and 7 times expat.  

Adventures in Expat Land  Linda is an American writer, wife and mother living in the Netherlands. 

Barlow's Cayman - Reflections and remembrances of past adventures from a wise and entertaining writer based in the Cayman Islands. Worth a read. 

Chronicles of Serbia - Bi-continental adventures in pregnancy from an American who splits her time between the US and Serbia.

Culture Happens  is about the cross-cultural journey of becoming cultural insiders. 

Expatlogue - A Brit making a home in Canada as a trailing spouse who helps me see my country with new eyes. 

In Search of a Life Less Ordinary  A British writer and expat many times over, Russell currently calls Australia home.

I Was an Expat Wife  A former expat now repatriated to Canada, Maria writes about life after expatria. 

Mummy in Provence  An English-Egyptian-Dubai-born-France-living-AP-friendly mother / entrepreneur / blogger. 

Our Delhi Struggle - Former Delhiits returned to the US.

Paul et Paula A fashion and design blog for international / tri-culture kids. 

SInospilce John is an American expat, linguist, and techie with with whom I used to work. He lives in China and speaks some wickedass Chinese. 

The Diary of a White Indian Housewife - An Australian woman married to an Indian man exploring the everyday wonder of living in India. 

Zhong Gou Jumble - A young American professional, and all round bang up gal in Shanghai (who, incidentally is a former colleague of mine). 


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