On the Road Again With Links

A stationary rock grows moss...or something? Isn't that an expression? An old Chinese proverb???? I could google it, but, well. Whatever.

I'm traveling again, visiting my aunties and collecting some wonderful Grannieisms for you all. Believe me, I have a few shockers in my back pocket. Anyway, all this means that I'm going to be out of theinterwebular loop for the next several days.

However, if you're jonesing for some Stella cuteness (because obviously you are, I mean, knowing what we are up to clearly is a major and significant issue at the forefront of EVERYONE's mind) do not despair. 

There is a wonderful post (ha! I wrote it!) over at Mummy in Provence on my experience having a baby in a foreign country. Go read it! Please! And comment! Lots! 

Mummy in Provence is a fab blog (fablog?) for all you granola-friendly multi-cultural minded mums.Ameena (an English-Egyptian Dubai-born France-living granola entrepreneur rockstar) writes about baby-led weening, Elimination Communication, and third-culture kids. She also has a weekly feature exploring the myrid cultural differences to be found in the way different cultures go about birthing babies. 

Also, in case you missed it, my first NSEW: Expat Dispatches post wherein I feign having thoughtful insights, parenting wisdom and a large vocabulary. Check it, bitches.