A Bag of Rocks

Please brace yourselves for what is bound to be an all-time low of unimaginative moooooommy blogging tedium. But I have an excuse;* I'm visiting my aunt and reuniting with my hometown and am so full of family funtimes that I'm as tired as a bag of rocks and have not the wherewithal to compose cohesive thoughts so here's a random accounting for things:

Stella ate (and loved) feta cheese. WTF, child? Who gave you your taste buds?

I visited my Grannie. Apparently someone told her to turn on her filter because she made far too few hurtful / inappropriate comments. My blog is sad. BUT I'm seeing her again today. Hopefully she'll have a few zingers for me. 

I got my haircut by an old friend. We met when we were about knee-high to a grasshopper and got into lots of trouble together. One day, she and I kindly served "apple juice" to our little sisters. Out of a margarine container. The "apple juice" was warm. We made it ourselves. Out of water. Thankfully, our little sisters were smarter than we thought. 

I came to North America to escape the heat in Japan. But turns out that it is going to be 38 degrees (38 degrees = about the temperature of hell, for all you Americans) tomorrow and we're diving to Toronto to stay in an apartment with no AC and I've been advised that I'm not allowed to use my computer because it will heat up the place too much. (Punch me in the face. Because of the computer thing. Heat. Meh. {I'm just joking, Auntie, btw! Thanks for putting us up!})

 *and by excuse I mean I'm full of shit. 


And now, apropos of nothing, heeeeeere's Stella! (Who is currently taking an epic nap, and willundoubtedly wake up as soon as I hit publish.)

IMG_6937 - Version 2