Small Style, Cousin Style

I'm closing out on a whistle-stop visit to my hometown in Canada. Which is awesome because it means I get to pack lots of family time into a couple days. And even more awesome because it means that Stella got to visit her cousin Nicholas. Well, to be accurate, her second cousin. And we all know that accuracy is EXACTLY what Expatria Baby is known for.

Anywho! Small Style this week, which, in case you were unaware, is hosted by Morgan at Mama Loves Papa, features Stella who was reunited with her cousin, six months her senior.

These two wee ones are the very picture of adorable. Two little gingers, side by side.

Nicholas taught Stella how to drink from a sippy cup AND how to share.


Stella had the time of her life teaching her cousin how to  play her favourite game, bam bam bam. Basically, you take any surface, and bam your hands vigorously. It is a hoot and a half with the small set, let me tell you. 


So taken with Nicholas was Stella, that my unwalking baby grabbed onto his shirt and ran after him, following him the entire length of the house as he tried to flee, before they both crumpled into a pile on the floor. 

My auntie, who was Nicholas' chaperone for this visit, assured me that Nic was tough and not to worry about all the bamming and rough and tumble play. Although by the end of the visit, little N was clearly fed up with Stella the bruiser, and I was re-thinking my choice of introduced  games. Like, for example, bam bam bam on Mama. Or push Papi and he falls over. When I taught Stella these hilarious games I was not thinking that she would then re-create them with children who do not understand that a swift push to the chest is actually a greeting and a sign of love. Oh dear, what a rookie mistake. Live and learn and rethink parenting practices.

Stella Wore:

Dress - Tea collection

Bib - Fåfa (from Japan)

Bow - AdornMeGirl

Amber Necklace - Hippie BS teathing remedy. It may or may not work, but certainly is cute, and matches her bow which is currently my fav.