The Return

Stella and I are closing in on our last couple of days in North America. 

Returning home to Japan (or wherever home happens to be) is always the same: ambivalence (happy to return to our normal routine; sad to say good-bye to familyfuntimes); delight (Mr. Chef! Mr. Chef! Mr. Chef!); chaos (a million things to do and far, far fewer than a million hours in which to do said things); dread (24 hours travel time, and a squirmy baby on my lap, and a guarantee of sciatic pain and exhaustion), anticipation (travel is fun! I love airports! can't wait to see Mr. Chef! and the katz!) and sadness (bye-bye amazing grocery stores, so long Nanny and Papa and aunties and cousins).

We are slowly preparing our bags, running around town stocking up on over-the-counter medicine, next season’s baby cloths, crunchy granola health food sundries and trashy magazines, while at the same time trying to pack maximum fun into every moment of each day, and press these golden hours with the grandparents between the pages of our memory books.

Papa came home from work early today. So, we spent the afternoon teaching Stella to walk.