Back in The Saddle Again

Pssssttt...EVERYONE, It's quarter to six in the morning and my baby girl is asleep! Oh my! We've been back in Japan for about thirty-six hours and Stella is sleeping! At appropriate times! Hooray!

With the exception of an hour and a half in the middle of the night wherein we were up and watching Mad Men and practicing standing on our own Stella slept pretty normally last night (where sleeping normally is waking at least every two hours to nurse). I am amazed. And thrilled. 

I would like to take full credit for this nocturnal coup, counting my delft parenting skillz as the reason that she is now dozing peacefully in my bed while my husband it banished to the cot in Stella's room. I mean, after all, I did insist that she sleep on the plane, and invested considerable effort in ensuring that she get some zzzz remaining immobile at all costs, sleeping baby on lap compressing spinal column, sciatic pain be dammed. But, I am fully aware that this sleepytime-funtime is a total fluke. Whatever. I'm enjoying it to the full. Drinking my coffee. Catching up on my mail. Communing with the interwebz of fastness, which is, like totally, my favourite thing about Japan.

In other news. Stella officially has a first word: THIS (or sometimes IS THIS). Not mama; not papi; not even baby. This. Fine. Whatever. My feelings aren't hurt at all.