What Was I Thinking

This is what we are doing today:

  • Leaving the house at 6 AM.

  • Getting in the car and driving 500 miles with a screamy baby

  • Attempting to cross the border with the following complications:

    • One baby sans father which can sometimes be complicated (see international kidnapping)

    • One car that does not belong to me and sports US plates while I hold a Canadian passport and Japanese drivers licence 

    • One sister who forgot her passport in Canada

    • A car full o' beer (because my parental units believe that buying Canadian beer in the states and then bringing it across the border is totally the way to go, but they maxed out their quota, so we are now their official alcohol sherpas.)


I predict a date with a customs officer in my future.

Wish us luck! Or punch me in the teeth! It might be less terrible!