Small Style, Park Style

We are up in Northern Ontario at my parents' summer cottage where the Internet is slower than molasses in January that has been frozen solid and therefore does not move at all. (But really, I'll keep my cavils to a minimum because until about five years ago we didn't even have flush toilets, or telephones up here so any Internet at all is pretty rad.) Anyway, in a rare example of awesomeness on my part, I thought ahead! And took small style pictures! And uploaded them in advance! 

Younger Sister and I took Stella and the Geriatric Fat White Rocket dog to the park for some early-morning swings. Since, you know, we were up anyway. But it turns out that 7:30 AM is THE PERFECT time to go to the park, because it is beautiful, and not hot, and empty. 

IMG_6336 Paaaarrrk! Woop! Woop!

Early morning sun.

IMG_6342To say that Stella enjoys the swings is somewhat of an understatment.

IMG_6390 - Version 2
Stroller NO! Walking NO! Carrying NO! If you don't mind, I'll just scoot the rest of the way home. Mmmkay?


Stella Wore:

Shirt & Bloomers: Baby Gap

Shoes: See Kai Run

Headband (of Love): AdornMeGirl


As always, linking up with Mama Loves Papa for some Small Style action.