Small Style, Sickie Style

Today's Small Style post is probably more aptly titled No Style. Stella is sick. Therefore, onsies, diapers, and the return of the cloth diaper barf rag. We have’t seen that stylish accessory for about eight months. You always knew it would come back into style. Vintage, you know. 

So, sorry Small Stylers, nothing much in the way of cute outfits going on here. However, I'm quite sure that at Mama Loves Papa, there will be many wonderful stylish babies, so head over there and go get your fix.

For the past three days we've been awash in a febrile sea of vomit and missed naps. We've been locked inside for three days straight with only a FUN! and EXCITING! trip to the doctor's office this morning to offer any form of distraction. 

However, Stella is a remarkably good sick baby, and only whines when I'm not holding her, or not playing babies to her exacting standards, though her failure to verbalize exactly what these standards are is only slightly frustrating to me. So, this August vom-a-thon actually has its upsides:

  • Sick babies snuggle, and as the snuggly mother of an un-snuggly baby, I truly appreciate this little development 

  • Sick babies also kiss their mothers a lot (see point above)

  • This sick baby actually slept at night, and OH MY WORD did that feel good. Seriously. I think I got 5 hours straight up sleep last night, which is the longest stretch of sleep I've had in over 14 months. By about 3 hours. Amazballs.

  • This sick baby has also slept in until 8:30 two days in a row! Sleeping babies HOLLA!

  • This sick baby also took a 2.5 hour nap for the first time ever. It only happened once, but boy was it good.

  • This sick baby watches TV with her Muma. I've temporarily rescinded the No TV for Babies Rule and put on Yo Gabba Gabba (which I’d never had the misfortune of watching up to this point), and  and oh be still my heart, if my child didn't take one look at the clamoring neon tawdry drivel coming out of the TV and look at me with side-eyes and say, WHAT THE HELL, MUMA? This is AWEFUL. And so we put on Jamie Oliver and we were both happy. This child. Oh, how she makes me happy.

So, anyway, here's our unstylish Small Style!

Babies 1
 Babies, ur doin it wrong. 

Babies 2
Swaddling a baby in a cloth diaper / (clean for now) barf  rag. We then went on to attempt to swaddle the big, human baby. Which was, predictably, a resounding failure.

Babies 3
Couch snuggles


Sickie smiles

Stella Wore:

Oliers Onsie - Gifted by my sister as an offering to Mr. Chef, who has an unhealthy love of hockey and the Edmonton Oilers

Other Onsie - American Apparel (BTW, Stella has like 3 shirts from AA, and they are holding up really well, and STILL fitting long after they should have been out grown.)