Small Style, Bike Style

It's no secret, Stella and I love our bike. It takes us everywhere: little jaunts downtown for a girls only lunch; quick trips to the grocery store; errands to the fruit and veg man, where we load our basket with summer produce; quiet little seaside adventures; and off piste escapades wherein we pretend that we areEwan McGregor and Charlie Booreman riding the Road of Bones.  

The one problem with the bike-as-minivan setup is that it does not have surrounding walls to insulate the outside environment from Stella's migraine-inducing screams of protest. Nor does it protect me from judgemental stares. I'm that mother. The one with the screaming kid. Think teen-aged girl, 1964, Beatles in America only angry. Really really angry.

Every trip out, be it a 120 minute downtown shopping extravaganza or a 15 minute trip to the bakery and back seems to end in screams. As soon as I'm heading home, Stella decides MUST NURSE NOW, and although I do have some mad breastfeeding skillz, I have yet to figure out exactly how to offer milkies on the bike. Suggestions anyone?

Anyway. Screams! And bike fashion! For Mama Loves Papa's Small Style!


Unwilling solo-walker makes fashion photography difficult


Wut? Doesn't EVERYONE take pictures of themselves while on two wheels?


Stop number one on three-errand outing. Pre-screams


Stella wore:

Dress - Gifted from A lovely and dear friend / mama mentor (also: floral ruffles are totally a prerequisite for playing pretend Long Way Round Road of Bones Edition)

Helmet - Crazy Stuff (Selected with care by me for the fact that it is both pink and red and thus is the perfect piece for tying our red bike nicely into Stella's outfits)

Shoes - See Kai Run (the only ones we've been wearing all summer holla cheapo mama!)


In other news - SHAMELESS LOG ROLLING - I'm participating in a blogging project that I'm super thrilled to be part of, a monthly four-way guest blogging initiative about life as an expat. 'Twould tickle me pink if you'd go have a look.