Small Style, Day To Night

Stella and I have NOT been doing anything fun and / or interesting with our days. She's been sick...GERMAN MEASLES! And a summer COLD! And then it's been incredibly monsoon quality rainy, and I've had the good fortune of being caught out in epic rainstorms while on my bike TWICE oops. And so, anyway, outings have been few and far between, save for a couple of trips to a Japanese hospital. Fun. (BTW this sounds way more dramatic than it actually is. In Japan a hospital visit is often no more serious than a visit to a doctor's office). Alas, we've been lounging at home in onsies. Especially me. I have lots of onsies. (No I don't. I just write in second person plural for some unknown reason.)

So, when we got an invitation to dinner the other night, I jumped at the chance to get outside of this little apartment and see actual people. People who have conversations! And stories! It was wonderful!

It also gave us an opportunity to explore babywear from day to night for this week's Small Style. Because obviously, a baby's outfits need to be versatile enough to go from daycare to the izakaya  while still looking effortless and chic. Obviously. 


Here we are, hanging out at home with her love, Mr. Katz, in shorts and a blouse. 


Oh. After 14 months of not crawling, Stella decided it was about time to get on that bandwagon. 


Oh hai! 

And then, style genius that she is, Stella decides to pair said blouse with a pair of culottes and an entirely new and fabulous outfit is born. See how that works? Amazing. 

We had a lovely dinner. Stella scooted around the tatami eating area, made friends with some Japanese business men, discovered a love for kimchi noodles and smoked mackerel (seriously, this child's palate continues to astound me). 

Stella Wore: 

Blouse - Baby Gap

Shorts - Baby Gap

Culottes - Baby Gap

Bow - AdornMeGirl