(More) Not Sleeping Through The Night

Because you're dying to hear more about my travails in sleeplessness (it is a topic of infinite interest, after all, and I do write about being tired with such eloquence and nuance), I thought I'd just stop on over on a Sunday night and let you know what is happening in the Expatria, Baby household. We are still not sleeping through the night. But...there is more sleeping than there used to be:

  • Night 1 Stella woke up 11 times

  • Night 2 Stella woke up 3 times

  • There were no tears (except at bedtime). There are always tears at bedtime

  • I slept for 8 hours straight

  • Mr. Chef did not

  • Mr. Chef slept in the baby room

  • I did not

  • I am really effing lucky

  • I heart earplugs. A lot. 

  • Mr. Chef is the baby whisperer. I will hire him out, but he costs many, many dollars. Well, yen. Since the dollar is currently a piss-poor excuse for currency

You are welcome. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Sunday.