Small Style, Swiss Style

Well, HELLOOOOOO Small Stylers! I missed you guys and your beautiful wee ones last week.

Stella and I spent last Small Style Thursday up in the air en route back to Japan. And good news! The flight was not terrible! Stella slept! For like more than three hours! We got the only empty seat on the plane! And sat next to a nice woman who played babies with Stella! This was totally the second best baby flight yet!

Okay. End recap.

Did you know that Stella is half Swiss? Well. True. She is. And August 1st is Swiss National Day, the commemoration of that fateful day in 1291 when the founding cantons of Switzerland finally overthrew their bovine oppressors and banded together to safeguard their cash of cheese from the principalities of Europe. Then William Tell shot an apple of his son's head. And Switzerland was born. The end.* 

Obviously, I can not let an opportunity for thematic dressing go unexploited; Stella clearly HAD TO be dressed Swiss Style on Monday. And OBVIOUSLY I HAD TO share this with all of you for Small Style. Because, HOLY COW (ha!) Cute!

*This is a %100 factual rendition of historical events. I majored in History. I should know. 



Swiss cross buttons! Cow applique! Red dress, red stroller, red dolly! My little Swiss miss!


 Say Cheese! (OMG, I am HILARIOUS with the Swiss jokes!)


So, in honour of Swiss Day, here are a few wonderful things that I love about Switzerland:

  • Cervelet Saussage roasted on a stick over a fire by a montain stream

  • In Swiss German, you add li to the end of any noun to make it little and cute (Hund (dog) --> Hundli)

  • The choclate aisle in the grocery store is CRAZY (I mean, let's start with the fact that there IS an ENTIRE AISLE devoted to chocolate)

  • They make a soft drink out of milk. Of course they do. 

  • Little kids come home from school at lunch

  • Stores close on Sunday

  • The trains are the most punctual and cleanest EVER

  • Cows wear bells. Seriously. I'm not joking. Like, all cows do. Not just the fancy ones. 


Stella Wore

Dress - Gifted straight from Switzerland

Happy Wednesday, Small Stylers. Happy Swiss Day, Small Swissers.