730 Days

Today we celebrate our two year Japanaversary. We moved here, 730 days ago from the frenetic, whirling center of Asia to this seaside backwater, completely naive as to the changes that were upon us. 

Christmas and New Year's 2008 019

There was fresh air in our new home, yes; and  streets narrow and sleepy, shaded by trees; beaches within easy reach of our bikes. But nights out, and custom made ball gowns, and restaurant openings, and  cheap DVDs, and good Indian food, and Champagne. These staples of life were gone; traded in for a  rung on the career ladder. 

 730 days ago, we were apprehensive, wondering how we would acclimatize. We bid farewell to dear, dear friends, to a career, to an apartment that we loved, stepped on the plane, and began life in a new city in a new country.  And started to imagine, perhaps a pinch too optimistically, clean streets, empty subways, and the orderly quiet of Japan.  

730 days ago, we were young and carefree. We had no idea that in mere days, a new life would be germinating. Now tired, and suddenly older, we are heavy with responsibility.  Yet, this new life has lightened us with laughter, and love, and warmth. And joy that, 730 days ago, we'd never before encountered.