Small Style, Ice Cream Style

We just celebrated our two-year Japanniversary. With all the happy reminiscing of wonderful things that have come into our lives in the past two years, comes some discontent - anxious longing for new adventures and new discoveries. It's an addiction, this nomadic life, always seeking the next hit of travel wanderlust.

So, I thought, what better way to cure my blues than to take my girl out for ice cream? And that's just what we did. And took pictures about it.


Two spoons for Mama and baby. Chocolate, cherry, and a spot of green tea, in case you were wondering.


IMG_7747Ice cream really is the cure to all of life's ills, isn't it?


IMG_7751You probably get the point by now, but well, whatever. Here's another picture. 

Oh hai.

Oh, a very happy note - I'M BACK ON THE DAIRY BANDWAGON, PEOPLE! I can eat ALL OF THE FOODS! Dairy! Soy! Nuts! EVERYTHING! I'm baking up a storm. Eating cheese like it's my job. And generally training for our vacation to Switzerland which is otherwise known as my upcoming milk-fat coma.  Nom.

On Stella 

Dress - Joe Fresh (Gifted by the Lovely Ms. Kim. Whom I've been friends with since I was ten)

Shoes - See Kai Run

Bow - AdornMeGirl (do you know how much wear I'm getting out of these things???? If you have a little girl, I suggest you order a million. Immediately.)


Linking up with the gorge Morgan at Mama Loves Papa for Small Style.



Also...I just added Google Friend Connect on my side bar. Because I'm trying to be a grown up blogger. But, you'll notice I have only one friend. And it is me. Someone save me from my pathetic existence. Please. (Be my friend?)