Why I Blog

Sometimes it's eight o'clock in the morning, and you're making your third cup cup of coffee while checking your phone and the baby is right in front of you, but because you're distracted she capitalizes on an opportunity and grabs a full bottle of olive oil, unscrews the cap (hooray for new-found dexterity!) and pours the contents all over herself. And the floor. 

At this stage you could get angry, cursing the mess, the wasted oil, the clean-up which is added to your already massive mountain of chores. Or, you could realize that this slippery baby is really quite hilarious, and acknowledge that the best way to deal with the situation is to take pictures (your phone is out anyway) and post them on all your social networks, while mentally composing a blog post about your lovely, inquisitive, oily daughter's antics. And then let her play in the mess for a little while. The damage is already done and she's having so much fun.

This here, this is exactly why I blog. 


Erica Knecht4 Comments