Small Style, WALKING STYLE!!!

So, THIS is happening:




TA DA!!!!!!

Stella took her first unassisted steps right before her first birthday. And then promptly refused to walk alone any more. This, despite the fact that while we were in North America, my father took it upon himself to engage Stella in a rigorous walker-in-training regime. He was operating under the assumption that late walking is a certain indicator of a future of sloth and un-industriousness, confiding in me that as a father, he fears he made many mistakes raising his three girls, one of which was, evidently, not pushing his kids hard enough to be early walkers. OH MAH LANDS! The things  could have achieved had I JUST WALKED THREE MONTHS SOONER!!!  Ergo, my father frets: HOW WILL SHE EVER BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IF SHE DOESN'T LEARN TO WALK IMMEDIATELY???? (BTW Dad, She's not even an American.)

So, anyway, two days ago, Stella decided that walking was actually pretty rad. And it is especially rad when I say, "Stella, time for bed" and she walks AWAY from me, giggling maniacally at her newly discovered ploy: "I'll never have to sleep again if I just keep walking away! You'll never catch me. No you won't. Sleep - I shake my tiny, vengeful fist at you." 

So, anyway. Stella's walking now. Which means that I can finally take Small Style pictures in a venue that is not my living room. Hooray!

Stella Wore:

Onsie - Joe Fresh

Skirt - Bobo Choses

Shoes - See Kai Run

Bow - AdornMeGirl