Small Style, Stroller Style

So, anyway, Stella has a new toy that her Papi brought back from a trip to Canada. And let's just say that the world is now all sunshine and ferries and pink bunny rabbits and rainbows and unicorns and that Stella loves loves loves loves her new toy. 


I let her take her dolly stroller out  for a little spin in front of our building because our tiny little living room is no match for an uncoordinated-newly-walking-dolly-stroller-baby-mama who has yet to grasp the concept of steering. Also still in development: the notion that static objects will not get out of your way if you throw a temper tantrum and pound on them with angry toddler hitting hands. 

Our mini-excursion went really well, garnering a few standard kawaiiiiiiiiis from the neighbours. Smooth sailing until Stella fell over and pinched her thumbs between the pavement and the stroller handle bar. Poor wee lamb. 


And so, I gave her two band-aids and suggested that they accessorise her outfit. She was royally pissed about that. 



All in all, it was a good little outing.


Stella Wore:

Shirt - Cherokee (Thrifted)

Shorts - Unknown (Thrifted)

Shoes - See Kai Run

Neclace - (Model's Own)

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