Thursday, September 22, 2011 at 09:55 PM

So, since this is Stella's 15 month and 21 day birthday, I figure that it is an appropriate time for a Stella update of sorts. Because, you know, I have yet to include one of those on my blog, and well, um....NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT*.

So. Here you go. (I'm pretty sure only my mum will read this. And then, realistically, even that is doubtful.)

Stella Stats

Age: 15 months, 21 days

Height: Tall enough to reach the table

Weight: What? Who weighs their babies? I have no idea. Hopefully heavier than last time

Head Circumfrence: ???????!!?!?!?!!!


Stella Can

  • Charm the pants off of anyone she meets

  • Walk by her self from her bedroom to the living room

  • Say diiiiisssss (where diiiiisssss = this and is a stand-in for ever thing in the whole wide world) and meeeooowwww (which is cat, obvs, and also any four-legged creature. And sometimes birds.)

  • Sign like the dickens (Papi, baby, eat, more, water, cracker, bread, cheese, wind, music, phone {an invented sign} grandmother, grandfather, cat, dog) 

  • Follow basic directions (sit down, go to the high chair, go to Stella's room, let's go outside, put on your shoes, time ot eat etc.)

  • Crawl. Finally. Which she learned from the daycare teachers, AFTER she learned to walk.

  • Scoot like a champ.

  • Throw a ball. 

  • Brush the cat.

Stella Can Not

  • Understand the word "no"

  • Eat a meal without purpousfully dumping things on the floor because she knows this drives me abso batty.

  • Understand that the cat does not appreciate being hit with the brush.

  • Sleep through the nigth. *sadface*

  • Walk by stones whout stopping to pick them up.

  • Go out in public without being told Kawaiiiiiii at least once. 

Stella Loves

  • Avocado. Times a million.

  • Babies. Times infinity.

  • Going outside.

  • Going outside and seeing babies.

  • Playing the park

  • Looking at pictures of her grandparents 

  • Twirrling her hair before she goes to sleep

  • Taking baths

  • Spicy food

  • Wiping the table

  • Even better - wiping food all over the table

  • People who run (HI-LARIOUS)

  • Tickle hands

  • Her mother vaulting over the couch

  • Playing parachute with the bedsheets

  • Kiss attacks

  • Riding in the ring sling (Stella do you want to go for a ride? *Claps*)

  • Her Papi. A lot. So much. You have no idea.

Stella Does Not Love

  • Going to sleep

  • Staying asleep

  • Eating thigns that requrie her to chew

  • Riding in the mei-tai *frownyface*

*Please see this as the vieled excuse for lazy blogging that it is. 

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