Small Style, Toddler Style

Lets talk about the fact that toddler-hood is imminent, if not right upon us.  



Stella is walking, like really walking. I take her downtown, and she wants OUT! of the sling. She wants to stroll together with me, hand in hand, waving at all her many admirers. 

She’s communicating - understanding lots of exciting things in English (let’s go to the park!) and in German (Stella, du schläfst), and probably in Japanese as well, although she’d be a much better judge of that than I.

Most exiting, she’s starting to make her wishes known, mostly through emphatic pointing and insisting on DIIIIISSS! DISSSS! DDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!! I tell her that it would be easier for all involved if she would work on expanding her vocabulary beyond the two words she currently has in high rotation. However, she does not heed. 

Anyway. My point: I don’t think I can call my baby a baby any more. This walking, talking (sort of), long and lanky being has come so far. 


See, let’s review. This was Stella on her very first appearance in Small Style:



And here she is now. A big girl. 


It breaks my heart to see her grow. But it also makes it sing.

Anyway! OUTFITS! I threw this little thing together for a trip to the park, going for practicality over cuteness, but then suddenly realizing that I actually really dig the look.

Stella Wore

Cardigan - American Apparel (size 6-12 months. I tell you, this is like the sweater that keeps on giving. The bottomless sweater, if you will. The sweater and the magic bean stalk. Okay. Whatever. I’m stopping now.)

Shorts - Thrifted

Tank - Gifted (from Switzerland)

Shoes - See Kai Run

Necklace model’s own (Can I get a wut wut, AISHA????)

Bow - AdornMeGirl

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