I Like New Things

So....HI...and...LOOK! New blog design!

As part of my continued attempt to become a grown up blogger, I’m shaking things up around here.  See! Nice, hey?

The wonderful Jess at I Rock So What designed my rad new banner. She also designed my button that you’ll see just here, to your left. Feel free to grab it and post it everywhere (although I must admit that typing the words “grab my button” made me kind of want to punch myself in the brain. However, who am I to  eff with convention.)

So, yeah. I’m still working on a few things. Namely a pesky border that wont go the hell away, and HTML code for custom social media icons *brian punch redux*

Many things are probably broken. But, while I’m not one to eff with convention, I’m also adverse to delaying gratification. So, sorry. But please do tell me about the broken things. Also tell me if the font colour is too difficult to read. Or, if you'd prefer to see it in technicolour rainbow. And sit tight while I fiddle around with the things and the stuff. 


Erica Knecht7 Comments