Remember {Wordless Wednesday}

For about ten or twelve days, things were hard. I trudged through the days, toddler wails filling our small apartment, the only relief was nursing. But you can’t do that 100 percent of the time. 


 And just when I thought, I can’t take this any more! I looked down, saw Stella’s mouth full of blood, and a new tooth had just erupted.

The poor wee thing had been suffering and all I could think was, please stop whining and let me wash the dishes.


Stella is, typically a wonderful baby. Episodes like this are infrequent, and are ALWAYS harbingers of impending illness or of teething pain. It’s hard to keep this in mind, though, when you’re in the thick of things. I hope that I can remember the sweetness the next time our apartment is flooded with wails, whines, and tiny toddler rage. 

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