Small Style, Happy Days Style

Heyyyyyyyy, all you stylish internet babies, it’s Thursday, and therefore Small Style day over at Mama Loves Papa. ANNNNDDDD...if you head on over there right now, you’ll see ME! It’s ME! ME! ME! MEEEEEEEEE! I’m guesting there today, in what is pretty much the highlight of my blogging career. ZOMG! I'm so excited. MEEEEEE!

Oh, right. And Stella.

Here she is again. Park Style.

  IMG_1161Zombie Baby Learns To Walk


The weather’s been wonderful this week; hot, but with a gentle, almost cool breeze. It’s no longer a punishment to be out at midday, so we’ve been making the most of it. Playground trips and park picnics are on the agenda pretty much every day. 


  IMG_1165And Learns to Slide. On Her Own. Mostly. 

Random bin of toys at the park so you don't have to bring your own. See why I love this place so much!?!?!??!?!


IMG_1166If you look closely you'll notice a hunched figure in the background. He spent the entire time we were on the playground vigorously kick-boxing some apparently menacing creatures living in the tree. Perhaps not the most ideal park companion, but you've gotta take the good with the bad. 

Can I also just add that Stella is no longer sick - finally after a run of German Measles and summer colds - and is sleeping better at night, and just popped a massive tooth. So, now (again) she is an utter delight. Happy, totally hilarious, full of giggles and baby kisses and pretty much whine-free.  Therefore, hooray for everything.



Happy Days.


Stella Wore:

 Dress- Old Navy - Gifted by her Aunt Carly

Hat - Gifted By a wonderful wonderful wonderful high school friend 

Shoes - See Kai Run