Small Style, Real Life Style

The report from daycare today: Miss Stella-chan is officially trilingual. She holds up her little pointer finger when asked, "Nansai desu ka?" (How old are you?) She follows commands. She bows good morning. She totally understands! She also walks around the house going, "bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte" (please please please please in German), before settling on exactly what she wants (usually bread. I mean, she's Swiss), pointing at it and saying "dis!" So, basically, I'm raising a genius. Truth.



Another thing that is truth: this Small Style post. Totally real life. Stella-chan is helping me do dishes. Where helping is emptying out all the contents of my drawers.




We play with her little toys. There are crumbs on the floor.




And ground up cracker. But let's not talk about that. 



There's also drool down the front of her shirt. Because there's ALWAYS drool. 

It's real life. Whining because I won't let her take pictures of me. Blurry photos. Warm clothes for this blustery day. 

Stella Wore:

Top - Polarn O. Pyret

Bottom - Tea Collection overalls, Baby Gap legwarmers, Smart Wool Socks

And smiles.