First off, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THAT 2012 IS A LEAP YEAR??? (it is a leap year, right?? Or maybe I'm just a dummy? But this 365 project has suddenly become a 366 project, and I'm slightly uneasy about that.)

Second, mah baybee got her hair cut today. ::Tears.:: We had a major hair situation on our hands that required professional help, so be brought in the big guns: car chairs and Tom and Jerry cartoons. It worked a charm. S was a perfectly well-behaved princess, and there was only some very dramatic terrified pouting when the angry hairdryer of doom was brought out. Other than that, perfection.

I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the salon (???) so my dreams of a photo essay documenting this momentous occasion were smashed. I did, however, take one or two sneaky snaps. I was shooting under adverse conditions, you know, so they didn't come out that well, but still, I did some fixing and here you go and now this is officially the longest text portion of a 366 post in the world. Good bye.

(PS prepare thyself for the big reveal on Thursday just in time for Small Style. Okay. Bye. For realz.)