Only read this if you care about mom bloggers writing about their eating habits on the internet. Because really, I'm totally lame.

You guys, this is pretty hard to believe, but I'm giving up sugar. For a week. Starting today at lunch. Because I had some good baguette left over and I hadn't properly said good-bye to my raspberry jam. We needed some closure.



I'll wait for a second while you process that.



I KNOW!!! 

Clean eating

My motivations are entirely vain - you see, my skin is an asshole. It's breaking out looking like a 17-year-old pizza delivery boy. All the while, it's also wrinkling. Which is effing BS if you ask me. So, when I read that Danielle's natropath had suggested a sugar moratorium as a means of curbing her skin problems, well, I was on that bandwagon, so fast, because obviously, everything that you read about some random stranger's naturopath on the Internet is totally, 100 percent truthiness. 


Anyway, I'm not going whole hog, because, let's face it, in Japan that's pretty much impossible. We don't have spouted grain hippie fairysauce toast 'round these parts. And in a country which believes that white rice is pretty much an essential part of a healthy diet, whole grain/sugar-free anything is an ultimate unicorn. 

But, I am committing on this here blog to cleaning up my palava of a diet. No added sugar (that I know is there. I am sure some will sneak in, after all, I'm functionally illiterate). Whole grain bread made by me. Whole wheat pasta (sorry Mr. Chef, I know I insult your Italian heritage,) tones of veggies, lean protein, that kind of thing. But I'm not ditching wine. Or coffee. Come on, I'm aspirational, but not a masochist. 

I'll report back in a week (unless I die of a chocolate withdrawal, which a real possibility.)

(It should be noted that upon discussing this plan with Mr. Chef, he insisted that when [note when, not if] I become a raving bitch due to chocolate / sugar withdrawal, he'll personally shove a bar of Lindt 70% right in my pie hole. Now I have all the motivation I need to prove him wrong.)