Small Style, Hair Styles

There was a little bit of a hair situation going on in the EpB household. Toddler hair gone wrong. Major style. 


But before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s take a trip back in time and admire Miss S’s luscious, curly locks. 

  IMG_6937 - Version 2
Dress - Tea Collection (Trying my very best not to order a million things from the sale going on right now but OMG SO HARD)

Adorabs, right?


And then it all went wrong. Because of sleep. Seriously, around here, everything comes back to zzzz. Around the time were were teaching Stella how to sleep better on her own, she developed a little self-soothing mechanism - twirling her hair around her finger and thumb. Which was fine when her hair was short, but as it grew this habit became problematic. 


On rough, restless nights, Stella would twist and twirl her hair until it encircled her fingers. In the mornings, I’d discover little hair rings, perfectly toddler sized, at the bottom of her crib. Or she’d wake screaming, her hair wound tightly round her thumb still affixed to her head, and cutting off the circulation in her little digits.


All that constant twirling and twiddling lead us to this point: 


Outfit = Tea Collection

A very unfortunate undercut-type situation, plus a thin, scraggly mop on top. Delish.


Then Stella got sick last week. And this happened.

That's a matted, horrific dreadlock going on right there. Dirty hippies have no place under my roof, mkay? (Just kidding. I'm kind of a dirty hippy myself.)


I remained in denial about the necessity of a haircut, despite Mr. Chef's insistence. (Oh mah gawd, my baybee the passage of time and milestones and growing up and tears and blah blah blah etc etc etc).


Anyway, we did it. It was way less dramatic than I had assumed it would be. And now my Bella B has a cute little angled bob with choppy baby bangs and I die of adorableness. 

 Sweater - the old standby, Joe Fresh


And here are a few more, just so that you might fully appreciate the level of cuteness going on up in here:


Vest - Baby Gap; Sweater Dress - Baby Gap; Leggings - Joe Fresh

I love it - the cut is still messy and random enough to be babyish, but we no longer have that ridiculous mid-nineties undercut thing going on. However, Mr. Chef, the primary advocate of said hair cut, remains unmoved. He is convinced that the previous two poor nights sleep can be attributed to insufficient hair for twirling purposes. 




Now I'm just praying that the curls will come back with the humidity. Please??