Dress For The Day. Dress For The Week.

She said dress for the day you want to have, so I said thanks, and I'll dress for the week.


I want this week to be a bright bold mix, but simple, and unfussy. Mix patterns, keep accessories space; the comforting familiarity of a much-worn top, and old standby belt, you'll be jumbled together with the unexpected whimsy of a brightly patterned skirt.  


Let it be known that I'm terrible at outfit posts. Apparently. I felt totally akward. Like mega. 

I want this week to be rad, but with a side of business lady, so ergo, glasses. This will be the week that I ease back into writing. The one where I finally jump over my shadow, and say hey what's up, shadow, what's up fear of failure, what's up Etsy wormhole.  Then mosey on by. I might wipe my glasses (they're covered in toddler goo), but then I'll sashay, just a bit, and say yeah, this week, it's going to be totally rad.


Let it also be known that these pictures were taken on one of Jakarta's busiest streets, one of the only places where there is actual pedestrian traffic. Also let it be known that this cop had no idea what I was doing, or why I might be posing with such awkward inauthenticity beside a river black and gray and filled with plastic.

Top: Gap tank // Club Monaco belt // Baggu leather bag (scored on sale. what what)

Bottom: Top Shop skirt // Nine West shoes (hey 40% off Lebaran sale!!)