Small Style, Park Style

They told me there were no parks in Jakarta. And I said, nope! I don't accept that. Of course there are parks. Where do Jakartians take their children to run around like crazy honeybadgers?

The mall, was the answer. A myriad of indoor playgrounds. And at first I was satisfied with that option. But then I ached for fresh air, for green, and for something outside the gilded walls of luxury. So I said, I'll find a park, and set off, on foot, for a great adventure, past lanes warrens of tiny claptrap dwellings, real-live mansions, and I'm not even kidding, the biggest trees I've ever seen.

There was a great deal of concern for my safety. How would I, a white woman! a hapless, over-privileged bule! survive the mean (friendly, smiley, and only somewhat potholed) streets of Jakarta without the protection of four wheels and a personal driver.

Ha! I told them. I'll be fine. What you don't know about me is that I'm a superhero. And perhaps an Indonesian in a former life. I'll just weave in an out of traffic, waving down cars with the flick of my wrist, indicating my intention to cross the street through streams of mopeds! I'll dodge cracks opening to the sewers below! I'll walk the kilometer or two, through dust and heat, carrying my girl, and I won't die of dehydration. Oh yes. I have talents.

Anyway. There totally are parks in Jakarta. And we live within walking distance of two. Two that I know about, anyway. SO FAR!!!! I dare you to hid from me, parks, I dare you. 

This particular park may not have a swing set. Or a slide. But it does have a mean pigeon house, a reflexology walk way (take off shoes, walk on stones), vines with leaves four times as big as my head, and a friendly neigbhourhood tofu vender. And your, park??! Does it have a tofu vender???!


Stella Wore

Shirt and Shorts // Miss-Tee-V-Ious

Infernal GD EFFING Shoes that will never come off my child's feet: Native

PS, does anyone else feel like Small Style is a weekly mass email update (remember those, from like 2001?) to friends that you haven't met yet but in blog form? If yes, then I'd like to direct your attention to some very exciting news: MY FIRST TROLL COMMENT!!! Holla!!