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This is about as far as we ventured outside our house today for the EpB household has been felled by a nasty illness. Last week Stella came down with something: whining, coughing, and taking a 2.5 hour nap. But I sent her to school anyway. Mr. Chef went down next, and I derided him for his "man cold," and took no notice of his 14 hour work days, early mornings, and coughing fits.

And then it struck me. And I was all, unlimited naps and iPad time for everyone! Soup! Sympathy (for me!) I'm sick, so sick! I can not function! Excuse me as I die on the living room floor! Can not carry on with regular parental duties! Sick!!! SIIIIIIIIIICCCCK!

So, yeah. I'm totally aware of my complete hypocritical a-holery.

Sorry, Mr. Chef.


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