Divine Baby

Look what came in the mail last week.


This delightful baby blanket from Divine Baby


Look who is utterly smitten with her new blankie.


I'm a sucker for a company with a good narrative and well, I've found one here. Founded by a fellow nomadic mother and global citizen, Bobbi Gallina, Divine Baby seeks to connect children to the cultural threads that make up their own unique story. These blankets feature bright, vivid colours, and  traditional motifs that speak of bravery, wisdom, longevity, and good luck. And, PS, they're super adorable.


Stella doesn't really do blankets. She prefers to sleep uncovered (and freezing) in an empty crib. To her mind, blankies should never deign to touch her sleeping body lest they be kicked violently and with great angry gusto to the floor. Even in the deepest of slumber, when I try to cover her, she kicks her feet and whispers softly, "no, no" while I fret (under a pile of blankets) over cold and illness and poor sleep habits.


This is all true.


And so the situation has remained until she opened the box which contained her new blankie. Love at first sight, I tell you.


Bwankie gets dragged behind her all over the house, taking all sorts of roles in our play: it is the stage for many an operatic performance; the backdrop for airplane play; a comfort for Baby Honey; the cause of a temper tantrum when I decided that no, it is too nice to take with us to the grocery store; it is a hidden cave for hide and seek; a comforting balm on a sick weekend. It has become part of our bedtime routine: each night we snuggle up with a bwankie book and her new bwankie. 


And, most amazingly, it is, and I'm not joking, the only blanket that she will allow herself to be covered with while sleeping.  I no longer wake at night worried that she's freezing in her crib.


I don't know, maybe this baby blanket was woven by little ferries. Maybe it's covered in magic granola-hippie dust. Maybe it's the blanket's cultural lore, or auspicious symbols. Or perhaps it's the fact that my child now understands the concept of presents and is thusly smitten with her "pwesent bwankie".


Whatever it is, she loves this blanket and I am sure it'll stay with us though moves across continents and oceans, a long-treasured heirloom. 

I was not paid to write this post, but I did receive a Divine Baby blanket free of charge. All opinions are mine, and mine alone, and I really really really dig this new bwankie.