Hot Mess, Small Style

I'm pretty sure this Small Style post was doomed from the start.

One shot, one poorly exposed, entirely underwhelming and frankly kind of terrible shot, and my camera battery died. Again. Because I'm just that organized.


Wednesdays are play-date days, so Stella and I spent a couple hours by the pool with her Japanese friend and classmate. Because they're both two, they spent the first hour and a half giving each other side-eye, and mostly ignoring the other's existence. Until suddenly they realized that playing is awesome, and it was all running, and screaming and FWIEND-CHAN, come here! FWIEND-CHAN PWAY. There was climbing, and stone carrying, and imaginary pizza making, and much giggling. And also much sadness that eventually it was time to go home. See you, Fwiend-chan.

Thursdays are school days. A certain someone was so excited to go to school this morning where she could pway swide wit Fwiend-chan, that she woke before the sun. I let her out of her bed and tired to be as unconscious as possible, until my sweet, excited little girl bought me a tee-shirt and shorts and told me it was time to go to get dressed and go to school.

It was 5:30 AM. School starts at 9:00. No matter how you slice it, it was most certainly not time to go to school. 

I though I could redeem this post with post-school pictures. But nope. She came home dressed like this:

having soaked though all two changes of clothes in her backpack.

Oh dear.

And also, Sweet Miss was in no mood for pictures. 

I say if you can't sand the heat, get out of the fire. Or, perhaps more aptly, if you can't stand the tired, DONT GET UP SO G-D EARLY OMG CKCX)IEF()EKLKOP@O!!(@(@(@(!~~~~~!!!!

Humph. That's kind of how I felt at 5:30 this morning. 


Stella wore:

Tee: Tea Collection, (psssst, they're having Buy One Get One on newborn layette. Use Code BABYBOGO. Go)

Shorts: Baby Gap

Shoes, Infernal freaking Purple Shoes: Native

Green Pants? Tights? Who Really Knows????! School's Own.


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