Small Style + NoBloPo Month

Welcome to Expatria, Baby, where nonsensical rambling about ridiculousity flow as freely as gin at an expatriate ladies' luncheon (PS, so too do the hyperbolic statements, sweeping generalizations, and outdated stereotypes.) And what could be better than infrequent, mildly offensive posts about nothing?

DAILY digressive meanderings through half-formed ideas of questionable validity and limited significance. That's what.

All of which is my way of telling you that I'm committing myself to joining the NaBloPo Movement, while simultaneously committing to very probably hating myself for hastey and poorly thought out decision. 

This all came about because I was having super deep and meaningful thoughts about time management and commitments, maternal guilt, and also post-colonial guilt, and the commoditfication  of love, and my own waining markable, employable skills, my ambition and the lack of time in a day, and know what I should probably do about all of that? Write and publish one blog post a day for thirty days. That's what.

So. Yeah.

Wait, what? How does this fit in with Small Style.

I dunno. I guess it's Thursday, which is Small Style day. So.

Anyway, last Sunday, when we were awoken at, (I kid you not) 6 AM by a booming baseline, Stella and I decided to cast aside our lazies and get up to investigate.

This is what she wore.

It should probably be noted that these pants were worn by my girl when she was five months old. Oy.

Also, my very caucasian baby is totally Asian. See? This is what she does when asked to pose for a picture. 

She can also dance gangnam style. And eats ramen for breakfast. But that's another story. 

Noodles for breakfast notwithstanding, my kid looks super caucasian, and so this happens all the time. She's okay with it. 



I guess I should also tell you that this is what Stella wore for halloween because it would be criminal to keep that to myself.


Stella Wore:

Top // Bobo Choses

Bottom // Baby Gap 


NaBloPoMo November 2012