315 / 366 {babies. light}

Another day, another half-assed iPhone picture masquerading as an actual, artistic 365 project-worthy image. Oh well.

I blame it on the the shock of a really, really, shockingly  bad hair experience yesterday.

Traumatic. Seriously.

Brought back memories of being five and being forced to submit to some pretty intense snipping that I totally was not okay with. Or 13, and getting a poorly-executed, lop-sided cut with unintentionally choppy layers at a time in my life when I wouldn't have had the confidence to pull off a perfect Rachel cut, let alone the monstrosity that I was left with. Awkwardness on awkwardness.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. 

What is here, and ever-present, is this baby stroller. Whenever we venture out and about in the hotel, Baby Honey comes too. And Baby Honey always wants her stroller. 

People here in Jakarta ask Stella about the baby, is it her brother or her sister? Which, let's face it, just makes so much more sense than asking her if it's her own baby, like North Americans do. I mean, geeze, people, she's only two!! Don't you know ANYTHING about biology?