316 / 366 {broken} {noblopomo}

This here fandango, this lack of a substantial blog post, is brought to you by grocery store day, a certain someone who screamed with great and protracted force about the injustice of pants (two guesses) a long wait for a taxi, and an oven that broke riiiiiigggghhht as I slid the meat loaf in. 

It is also brought to you by that asshole, J. Crew who sent me a gd email about how they're having a TAKE 30% OFF EVERYTHING email. Jerks.

And those other assholes, Scandinavian Minimal, who are having a similar sale. Because as I've said before, there's nothing that makes me fell better about my screamy kid than buying cute clothes for her. 

So, anyway, I've been imaginary shopping.

Oh, and also by this video, which is further proof that the internet is my spirit animal which I love.