Sleepless in Jakarta and A Furious Case of Rage-shopping

How long has it been since I've posted about my child's inability, or perhaps more aptly, unwillingness, to sleep? Months. 

And while we are miles away from the terrifyingly sleep-deprived doom days that was her infancy and early todlderhood (if you're my kid has an uncommon ability to stay awake for ever, yet still be super tired. She and I were both miserable exhausted zombie monsters for about 1.5 years. There was one time on a trans-continental flight where she stayed awake for 36 hours straight and omg hot poker in the eye.)  


True, we're vastly more rested than we used to be. I quite regularly get to sleep through the night. But nap times and bed times: oy. Pain.

 Oh look. My kid is in bed. Not sleepig. What a surprise.

Bedtime takes two hours. From fighting the great teeth-brushing war of 2012, to the great battle to diaper my kid's bottom and stuff her limbs into her pyjamas, the wind-up to lights out is about as enjoyable as a three-hour exam with a raging hangover. Then we need to spend a good hour arduously negotiating the exact conditions that are required to lie down in bed:  lights on; blanket off; one more drink;  pee-pee time; blanket on; music please; crying; blanket off; ooops, poopy diaper; blanket on; crying crying crying; etc etc etc etc until spleen, resentment, and vexation weigh heavily upon us both.


Typically I end the night cursing bedtime and wondering how something that is meant to be so peaceful can make me feel like murder. By the time it's all over and done with, it's 9 o'clock, the kitchen is a disaster, there are toys everywhere, and my grandly laid plans to DO EVERYTHING ON THE LIST are dashed and therefore FURRY!!!>>>!11!!


So, I do what is only reasonable under these circumstances: I turn on my computer and rage-shop. For children's clothing and nursery accessories. Because apparently I'm a masochist. Heeeeyyyyyy, kid, you've caused me great pain and annoyance, eaten up my whole evening, and so I'm going to let out my frustration  by buying you presents! 


I think that an excellent example of healthy coping mechanisms.


So, yeah. That's exactly how I ended my evening on Wednesday night. 9:30, exhausted, frustrated, and full of murderface. So then I went here because LOOK! Bobo Choses! Kidscase! Shampoodle! And they ship internationally! And look! This adorable dress is on sale. And so is this! Oh and look at this! Oh Emmmm Shopping Basket!


So, in the interest of salvaging my bank balance, I've decided to stop nap time. And see if that helps me take back the night, and put an end to rageshopping. Because I'm hella tired, and rage shopping. Oy. I just want to watch a show in a moderatly tidy livingroom and go to bed by 10. Is that too much to ask, world? IS IT???


In the interest of full disclosure, this post was written on behalf of I found myself on their website because I was asked to write a post, but I filled my basket because their stuff is awesome. And when you live perpetual summer, summer sale items at like, 50% off are pretty appealing.

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